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Clubs & Discotheques

Clubs playing every kind of music – Hannover’s party district exerts a magnetic pull not only at the weekend.

Clubs & Diskotheken


Hannover’s two-storey top hip-hop venue. más...

Bei Chéz Heinz © Bei Chéz Heinz

Clubs & Diskotheken

Béi Chéz Heinz

This legendary hangout in the basement under the swimming baths is a must in Linden’s nightlife. más...

Café Glocksee © Isabell Adolf

Clubs & Discotheken

Café Glocksee

They’ve all played here at some time or other! más...


Clubs & Diskotheken

Eve Klub

We’ve managed to keep the risqué atmosphere of the striptease days and combine music-culture with a relaxed party feeling. más...

Heartbreak Hotel © Heartbreak Hotel

Clubs & Diskotheken

Heartbreak Hotel

Hanover's first in-crowd club at Kiez is also the most original in this new party district. más...

Intensivstation © Intensivstation

Clubs & Diskotheken

Intensivstation 2.0

Intensivstation at the Hanover Steintor has quickly established itself with the in-crowd. más...

Kulturzentrum Faust © Kulturzentrum Faust

Club & Discothek

Kulturzentrum Faust

Live concerts, parties, readings and exhibitions take place at various locations on a single site. más...

Lux © Lux

Clubs & Diskotheken


Lux stands for luxury. más...

Clubs & Discotheken


Small but smart and certainly no monkey business going on here. más...

Clubs & Discotheken


The excellent concert programme is a highlight of this suburb. más...


Clubs & Diskotheken

Osho Discothek

A true institution in Hannover, where many generations have partied the night away. más...

PaloPalo © André Vaternam

Clubs & Diskotheken

Palo Palo

Cult? Perhaps. Legendary? Definitely! más...

Blick in den Innenraum des Rockers

Clubs & Diskotheken


In November last year a new ‘highlight’ opened on the scene. más...

Weidendamm © Weidendamm

Clubs & Discotheken


This venue on the premises of a former factory still focuses on honest manual skills. más...

Zaza © H & U Gastronomie Betriebs GmbH

Clubs & Diskotheken


Almost everyone who lives in Hannover has been to a party at this cult club behind Raschplatz at some time. más...