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"Flüchtlinge in Stadt und Region"

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Office for driving licences in Hannover

Conversion of foreign driving licences from outside the EU/EEA

A driving licence issued by a state outside the EU and the EEA entitles the holder to drive vehicles of the designated classes for up to six months after establishing residence in the Federal Republic of Germany, after which time it must be replaced with a German licence.

If the foreign driving licence is of limited term, this right applies only until this term expires.

Required Documents

The certificates must not be older than two years.

The certificates must not be older than one year.

The certificates must have been issued after July 1, 1991.

  • name of the driving school, where the theory and practical driving test is to be taken


  • The application fee of 42,60 € must be paid directly on applying. We accept cash or payment by EuroCard.

Please note that applications for conversion to a German licence must be made in person. Please make a prior appointment via e-mail:

Please note that you may be asked during the verification process to bring further documents such as a translation of the foreign driving licence by a certified translator or a classification of the German Automobile Association (ADAC), and that further costs may thus incur.

How long does it take? 

The processing of your application takes about three to four weeks. It may however take longer if there are any driving offences listed in the Register of Driver Fitness.