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Leadership: Science or Arts?

A critical examination of theory and practise: when do gut feelings matter – on 6 November at GISMA Buisness School.

To be successful in your career, it is always argued to focus on developing your leadership skills. Effective leaders support a team simply by being present. They are inspirational and motivating. They know the right things to say to people to help them understand what's needed, and they can convince people to support a cause. But is a “typical leader” always the right person under all circumstances? And can we really train these skills by breaking it down to a logical routine? Or do we just need to be sufficiently talented or gifted to succeed because it is too complex for logical routines anyway?
At the beginning you can test at several stations your leadership qualities (not always seriously meant), and in a follow-up workshop we will shed some light on critical aspects of why we fail again and again in personnel management - despite our good ambitions. We will discuss leadership as a concept that not necessarily means to lead!
At the end of the event 3 current publications on leadership will be raffled off between participants.

Hauptveranstaltung: > November der Wissenschaft 2018: Alle Veranstaltungen - alle Infos
Termin(e): 06.11.2018 
von 19:00 bis 20:30 Uhr

GISMA Business School

  • Goethestraße 18
  • 30169 Hannover

Veranstalter: GISMA Business School


Hinweis: Die Veranstaltung wird auf Englisch gehalten.

Anmeldung per E-Mail an info@gisma.com bis 26. Oktober erbeten.