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James Blunt

British heartthrob James Blunt is presenting his new album "Once Upon A Mind" on 2 October at the ZAG Arena (formerly TUI Arena)  in Hannover.

It's back to the roots with James Blunt: After flirting with electronic sounds on his last album "The Afterlove", he returned to what he masters like no one else. For his new album "Once Upon A Mind" (released in October 2019) he once again wrote timeless songs that touch both the heart and the mind. A total of eleven numbers can be heard on his sixth studio album, including the lively love song "Cold", the poignant ballad "Monsters" and the country-style "Halfway".

The concert, originally planned for 12 March 2020, has been escheduled for the third time. Tickets remain valid according to the organizer.

Termin(e): 02.10.2021 ab 20:00 Uhr

ZAG Arena (vormals TUI Arena)

  • Expo Plaza 7
  • 30539 Hannover
from € 43,20 to € 60,45

Doors open at 6.30 p.m.