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Zahlen und Fakten

Mehr als 45.000 Studierende lernen derzeit an Hannovers Hochschulen.

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Leibniz Fachhochschule


Leibniz School of Business

The Leibniz-Fachhochschule School of Business was founded in 2011; its supporting institution is the renowned Leibniz-Akademie.

For more than 90 years, the Leibniz-Akademie has epitomised sound continuing education in commercial subjects in Hannover. Moreover, for 35 years it has also represented a solid component of Lower Saxony's economy through the "Duales Studium" system (integrated degree courses and practical experience).

Establishing new courses

In 2011, a further milestone was established in the development of the Leibniz-Akademie: The Leibniz-Fachhochschule  School of Business was founded – involving the setting up of practical Bachelor's courses and a Fulltime Bachelor program on a rigorous academic basis focussing on business and management.

From business administration to health management

The range of courses offered by the Leibniz-Fachhochschule to its body of students some 440 in number include dual study courses in business administration (BA), business informatics and health management (BA) as well as the full-time course in business administration and the Master program in integrated management.

Since the 2012/13 winter semester, the portfolio offered by the Leibniz School of Business has been supplemented by the newly accredited extra-occupational Bachelor's courses in business administration and business informatics as well as the Master's course in integrated management.

With the start of the winter semester 2015/16, the Leibniz School of Business could count 569 students.