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Maker Faire

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Maker Faire Hannover 2019

Doing things for yourself is trendy: the "Maker Faire" is coming to Hannover on 17 and 18 August.

The Heise Media Group is organising this fascinating blend of art, hardware, handicrafts and hacks in Hannover again. The idea for the event comes from the United States, and draws on the pleasure involved in inventing, experimenting and making things to arouse the enthusiasm of people throughout the world. The Maker Faire Hannover is conceived as a colourful showcase for ideas that will appeal to all the family.

The emphasis is on the experience aspect, with many activities to try out and join in with. The promising topics range from audio and music, robots, Arduino etc., through steampunk, construction kits, 3-D printing and hardware hacking to jewellery and ornamentation, handicrafts and the skilled trades. So whether you are a technology freak, a scientist or just someone who enjoys messing about at the workbench in your garage: get moving!

Termin(e): 17.08.2019 bis 18.08.2019
von 10:00 bis 18:00 Uhr

Hannover Congress Centrum

  • Theodor-Heuss-Platz 1
  • 30175 Hannover