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Districts and boroughs

Where to live in Hannover?

According to Hanover city magazines "Schädelspalter" or "Stadtkind", you should live in Hanover either in Linden or in List. But the "big city in the countryside" has much more to offer: 51 districts to be exact, which are grouped into 13 city districts.

Hannover's districts are individual and varied, and each of the 51 districts also has its own unique attractions and advantages. In fact, there are only 49 districts when it comes to housing, because the districts Nordhafen and Brink-Hafen are used purely for industrial purposes.

Prejudices and the view from outside

Linden is hip and young, the south town is sleepy and in the city centre you can only go shopping? Many parts of the city have been stamped with an image that they find difficult to get rid of. A look from the outside helps - and this is what diligent bloggers have to say:

Quality feature central location

As in other cities, the central districts are among the most popular residential areas. So it comes as no surprise that more than a third of all Hanoverians are at home in the following seven districts. 

However, the insider tips from residents of Ahlem via Mittelfeld to Waldhausen, which can be foundt in the book "So lebt Hannover" ("This is how Hanover lives"), reveal that it is easy to live well on the outskirts of the city. 

Official information on the municipalities and districts 

If you want official information, you are in good hands on the city district portals. (German only)