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LeNa - Liveable Neighbourhood


The LeNa project comprised the following elements:

  • LeNa construction info evenings
    Every two months, information evenings were held at which families building their own homes could find out about aspects relating to construction in the zero:e park on top of the advice offered during the initial consultation, and meet their future neighbours.
  • Advice provided by the Climate Protection Unit
    Those interested in building in the zero:e park were advised by the City of Hannover’s Climate Protection Unit on Passive House design in line with requirements.
  • LeNa planning team
    The external LeNa planning team was appointed to answer all questions that arose concerning the new housing development, as well as questions on building refurbishment related to the adjoining districts. It was available not only to families building their own homes, but also to planners, developers und quality-assurance bureaus.
  • Data analysis
    To aid the ongoing refinement of the Passive House standard and energy-efficient house components, it is useful to carry out a consumption data analysis. The proKlima climate protection fund therefore conducts just such an analysis for the zero:e park.