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Traces of Nazi Persecution

The special exhibition deals with the lives of victims of the Nazi regime, the circumstances of their persecution and their possessions.

On the Origins and Whereabouts of Cultural Goods in the Collections of the City of Hannover

The Kestner-Museum acquired diverse art objects during the Nazi era that had previously been confiscated from such persecuted persons. These acquisitions include the Rococo cabinet once owned by Klara Berliner, the daughter of a Hannover manufacturer, and the gold coins collected by the Großburgwedel physician Dr Albert David. They make up the two focal points of the exhibition.

The show furthermore features books from the Municipal Library and Municipal Archive of the State Capital of Hannover that were likewise confiscated from persecuted persons during the time between 1933 and 1945.

20th anniversary of the ‘Washington Declaration’ 

The exhibition marks the 20th anniversary of the ‘Washington Declaration’ issued in December 1998. In the declaration, the Federal Republic of Germany obliged itself to identity Nazi-looted cultural goods, to search for their pre-war owners and their heirs in order to reach a ‘just and fair solution’.

Provenance research of the State Capital of Hanover

Since 2008, the State Capital of Hannover has accordingly been carrying out systematic research on the provenance (origins) of the cultural goods in its possession. The initial results are being presented to the public for the first time in the exhibition along with a discussion of current problems in the field of provenance research in the Museum August Kestner and in the Historisches Museum am Hohen Ufer as well as in the Stadtarchiv and the Stadtbibliothek.

Visitors will be informed about the complicated paths involved in the acquisition of the objects by the State Capital of Hannover. In addition, the difficulties provenance research has in differentiating between justified and unjustified inheritance claims as well as trying to find the heirs of victims of the Nazi regime who are now living across the globe.

Accompanying programme 

A substantial accompanying programme including lectures and guided tours enables visitors to deepen their understanding of the exhibition themes.

A companion volume to the exhibition will be published in early 2019.

Guided Tours through the exhibition

13. January (Sunday), 11:30 Uhr: Stefanie Abraham, M.A.
21. January (Sunday), 11:30 Uhr: Stefanie Abraham, M.A.

3. February (Sunday), 11:30 Uhr: Stefanie Abraham, M.A.
10. February (Sunday), 11:30 Uhr: Stefanie Abraham, M.A.

3. March (Sunday), 11:30 Uhr: Dr. Cornelia Skodock 
17. March (Sunday), 11:30 Uhr: Stefanie Abraham, M.A.
31. March (Sunday), 11:30 Uhr: Stefanie Abraham, M.A.

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06.12.2018 bis 29.09.2019
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Museum August Kestner

  • Trammplatz 3
  • 30159 Hannover
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Die Ausstellung wurde hauptsächlich von der Stelle für Provenienzforschung im Stadtarchiv und in den Museen für Kulturgeschichte erarbeitet. In der Ausstellung werden insgesamt 69 Objekte aus dem Stadtarchiv Hannover im Original präsentiert, vor allem Bücher aus dem NSDAP-Gauarchiv Südhannover-Braunschweig sowie weitere Dokumente der städtischen Behörden als Original oder Farbscan.