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Angelo Kelly & Family

"Irish Christmas": Angelo Kelly, youngest member of the legendary Kelly Family, is on tour with his own family and is playing at the Swiss Life Hall in Hannover on 5 December.

After the comeback of the Kelly Family with a successful album and sold-out concerts, Angelo Kelly is again focusing on his own family band and playing several "Irish Christmas" shows with his wife Kira and five children. They are accompanied by six first-class musicians from the international folk scene with fiddle, mandolin, flute, bagpipes, drums and many other instruments.

Irish Christmas

Inspired by their new home in Ireland, Angelo and his family are presenting Irish versions of popular Christmas classics. True to tradition, the program includes highly emotional songs as well as energetic, joyful tunes. 

Termin(e): 05.12.2020 ab 19:00 Uhr

Swiss Life Hall

  • Ferdinand-Wilhelm-Fricke-Weg 8
  • 30169 Hannover
36,85 € – 50,05 €
Children up to 14: 31,35 € – 40,15 €