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Bus, Tram and Rail

Public Transport

By bus, tram or rail through Hannover and the Hannover Region - all the information you need.

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Üstra Service Centre City

At the üstra Service Centre City on the Platz der Weltausstellung you can buy tickets for the local bus, tram and railway network, timetables in book form, personal timetables and timetables for particular stops. Or ask about individual information on how to get from one place to another, using any type of public transport. Here you will also receive advice on any issue relating to environment-friendly mobility.

Ticket Information

Tickets are valid up to one day. The GVH (Greater Hannover transport network) tariff area is divided into three ticket zones: "Hannover Stadt" (city), "Umland" (surrounding area) and "Region". The price of a journey with a single ticket depends on the number of zones you travel in.

Single ticket 2,60 €
3,40 €
4,30 €
(1 zone)
(2 zones)
(3 zones)
one way (changing trams included)
Day ticket 5,00 €
6,60 €
8,20 €
(1 zone)
(2 zones)
(3 zones)
for one person (until the end of working hours)
Day ticket for groups 9,80 €
12,60 €
15,50 €
(1 zone)
(2 zones)
(3 zones)
for up to five persons (until the end of working hours)
Short trip ticket 1,50 € (all zones) three stops by tram or five stops by bus
Reduced fare 1,30 € (all zones) young persons (6 - 14 years), dog