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Hannover - in the heart of Europe

Hannover - in the heart of Europe

In the heart of Europe

How to get to Hannover

Perfectly networked: Its central location in the heart of the European transport network is one of numerous trump cards that the region of Hannover has in its hand.

An economic powerhouse in the centre of Europe, a perfectly networked location thanks to superb mobility concepts, a fascinating variety of recreational amenities – in Hannover Region all these things go hand in hand with excellent but affordable housing and beautiful natural scenery that is closer to the city than anywhere else in Germany.

The A2 and A7 motorways are amongst the most important road connections in Central Europe and the ICE rail network also provides direct links to all German conurbation areas. There are direct flights from Hannover Airport to more than 100 destinations.

The Mittelland Canal, the longest man-made waterway in Germany, connects Hannover with the major seaports and inland ports on the Continent.


Short driving time to and from Hannover: