The State Capital Hannover

District Councils

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The thirteen District Councils of the State Capital Hannover

Hannover's district councils

Since the District Charter within the Municipal Code of Lower Saxony was introduced on 1 November 1981, by Council Order the urban area has been divided into thirteen city districts. Besides the City Council as the city’s main municipal institution, Hannover also has thirteen District Councils with their own responsibilities.

District Councillors are elected by the eligible voters in the city districts at the same time as the City Councillors, under the same regulations. Depending on the district’s population, each District Council has between 19 and 21 Members. District Councils are not allowed to form committees.

Within one month after the beginning of the legislative period – at the earliest immediately after the constitution of the Council – each District Council must hold its constitutive session. In this session, from among their number the District Council elects the chairperson for the length of the legislative period, who is nominated District Mayor or Mayoress.

Sessions Information System of the State Capital Hannover

Database including session dates and documents of the city council, district councils, and committees

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