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The Finance and General Purposes Committee

The Finance and General Purposes Committee has a special role: Along with the Council it is the second institution of the municipality which is allotted special assignments for deciding on its own.

One of its essential duties is to prepare the decisions of the Council. In most cases, for this the Expert Committees and the District Councils have already provided recommendations.

The Finance and General Purposes Committee is in charge of those matters which neither require a resolution by the Council, by the District Councils or the specialist committees, nor are incumbent on the Mayor and CEO of the City of Hanover.

In particular cases or for a set of issues, the Finance and General Purposes Committee can assign its responsibility to the Mayor.

For the City of Hannover the Finance and General Purposes Committee consists of

  • The Mayor as the chairman and ten associates, who are appointed from among the Council members’ number. Three of these are deputies of the Mayor and carry the denomination Deputy Mayor. The other members are associates (Beigeordnete).
  • Three Alder(wo)men are additional members as holders of a fundamental mandate.
  • Furthermore five Elective Officers leading a Directorate belong to the Finance and General Purposes Committee. These elective officers do not have voting rights; they are members in an advisory capacity. The same goes for the holders of a fundamental mandate.

In Hannover the Finance and General Purposes Committee normally convenes once a week. Its gatherings are not public, but the population is informed about important decisions through the press.

Members of the Finance and General Purposes Committee


Mayor and CEO Stefan Schostok

Associates (Beigeordnete)

Deputy Mayor Thomas Hermann (SPD)
Substitute: Alderman Lars Kelich SPD)
Beigeordnete Christine Kastning (SPD)
Substitute: Alderman Dr. Jens Menge (SPD)
Beigeordnete Belgin Zaman (SPD)
Substitute: Alderwoman Kerstin Klebe-Politze (SPD)
Beigeordneter Jens Seidel (CDU)
Substitute: Alderman Jens-Michael Emmelmann (CDU)
Beigeordnete Kerstin Seitz (CDU)
Substitute: Alderwoman Georgia Jeschke (CDU)
Deputy Mayor Klaus-Dieter Scholz (CDU)
Substitute: Alderman Thomas Klapproth (CDU)
Beigeordnete Dr Freya Markowis (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen)
Substitute: Alderman Norbert Gast (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen)
Deputy Mayoress Regine Kramarek (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen)
Substitute: Alderwoman Silvia Klingenburg-Pülm (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen)
Beigeordneter Tobias Braune (AfD)
1. Substitute: Alderman Roland Herrmann (AfD)
2. Substitute: Alderman Frank Jacobs (AfD)
Beigeordneter Dirk Machentanz (DIE LINKE. und PIRATEN)
1. Substitute: Alderman Bruno Adam Wolf (DIE LINKE. und PIRATEN)
2. Substitute: Alderwoman Brigitte Falke (DIE LINKE. und PIRATEN)

Fundamental mandates

Alderman Wilfried H. Engelke (FDP)
1. Substitute: Alderman Andreas Bingemer (FDP)
2. Substitute: Alderman Patrick Döring (FDP)
Alderman Jens Böning (Die HANNOVERANER)
Substitute: Alderman Gerhard Wruck (Die HANNOVERANER)
Alderman Julian Klippert (Die FRAKTION)
Substitute: Alderman Oliver Förste (Die FRAKTION)

Members in advisory capacity

First City Councillor Sabine Tegtmeyer-Dette (Dezernat V)
City Councillor Harald Härke (Dezernat I)
City Treasurer Prof. Dr. Marc Hansmann (Dezernat II)
City Councillor Konstanze Beckedorf (Dezernat III)
City Councillor Rita Maria Rzyski (Dez IV)
City Director of Construction and Planning Uwe Bodemann (Dezernat VI)