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Advice and information

Family Service Office of the City of Hannover

Help in finding a childcare facility, information on leisure opportunities, health and education, advice on support for families

The Family Service Office of the State Capital of Hannover is just a few steps away from Hannover's central station. You can get personal advice and information on family matters, including a wide variety of brochures and flyers.

Advice on child care services, e.g.

  • day nursery
  • children day care
  • kindergarten
  • for schoolchildren
  • during vacation

Information on leisure activities and health advice, e.g.

  • swimming lessons for babies
  • kids' gymnastics
  • pre-school play groups
  • excursions in the neighbourhood
  • travelling with children

Advice in matters of education, e.g.

  • schools
  • musical education and cultural offerings
  • language training
  • special needs education
  • parent training and family education

Information on financial support, e.g.

  • maternity/paternity pay
  • cost absorption for childcare
  • Hannover's family building-land bonus scheme

The Family Service Office is also the central point of contact for children day care within the city of Hannover. With this kind of care, children are being looked after in their domestic homes, in the home of a professional childminder, or in special premises rented for that purpose.

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