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Leibniz-Rundgang Hannover

8. Leibnizhaus

Here you will find information about the Leibnizhaus.

Leibnizhaus © HMTG

Leibnizhaus in the historic Old Town of Hannover.

The richly ornamented town house was originally built in 1499 in renaissance style, but the building today is an exact reconstruction built in the 1980s. The patrician house originally stood at Schmiedestraße 10 (now a multi-storey car park) and was destroyed in the Second World War. Leibniz moved into the building together with the elector’s library on 29 September 1698. He had a cupboard specially built for the pieces of paper on which he jotted his countless ideas every day. His pupil and secretary Rafael Levi also lived in the building for several years. Leibniz died on 14 November 1716 at the age of 70 on the first floor of the porch (known as an Utlucht, an oriel-like structure). Events will be held in the building again when the renovation finishes at the end of 2016.