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The light installation by Yasuhiro Chida can be seen from 26 September to 11 Ocotber in the Arne Jacobsen foyer.

What do we see here? Are they glow worms, an army of spacecraft or shoals of luminous fish in the ocean depths? Thousands of tiny points of light surround the visitors. They move at different speeds, now swift, now slow. Only after watching for some time is the mysterious phenomenon revealed which the Japanese light artist and architect Yasuhiro Chida has installed in the glass pavilion as Analemma.
Chida has woven a huge three-dimensional net of fine threads in the Arne Jacobsen Foyer. Projectors produce narrow white levels of light that move slowly, creating the points of light on the threads. Chida’s fascination with disclosing the beauty of an invisible and impalpable space is the basis of his light installation Analemma.
If the builder of the foyer, the Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen, defined its architectural space by glass, Yasuhiro Chida adds another layer. He magically densifies the transparent space with his three-dimensional net.

The title Analemma refers to an astronomical phenomenon known since ancient times. It describes the figure drawn by the sun if its position is observed daily from the same place at the same time for the duration of a year. If they are superimposed, these solar images result in an extended figure of eight, determined by the elliptical movement of the earth. This discovery was essential for the construction of sundials, not least for the famous sundial in the Großer Garten at Herrenhausen.

Event(s): 25.09.2020 starting from 21:30 o'clock
26.09.2020 to 11.10.2020
from 20:30 to 23:00 o'clock

Arne Jacobsen Foyer

  • Herrenhäuser Straße 4
  • 30419 Hannover
There are no events on: 28/09/2020

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