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Catholic in Hanover

An exhibition on the history of the Catholic Church in the city and region of Hanover from 25 May to 30 September 2018.

The Basilica of St. Clement celebrates its 300th birthday this year. This is a nice occasion to present an exhibition on the history of the Catholic Church in the city of Hanover and its surroundings at the Historisches Museum.

Built by the Italian architect Tommaso Giusti (1644-1729), it was the first Catholic church to be built in Calenberg's new town after the Reformation. It was consecrated in 1718 and soon provided for a new Catholic life in Hanover - after all, in 1588 the city council had revoked the right of residence for Catholic Christians in the old town.

The blue and gold designed exhibition shows on 230 square meters far more than 100 objects, which were made available not only from the museum's inventory, but beyond that by 19 lenders from catholic parishes, by the orders, church mechanisms, sports clubs and schools, Christian associations, archives and private persons.
In addition to a life-size sculpture of Saint Hedwig made of lime wood (1.65 m high), the football saint St. Luigi and a motorcycle of the Maltese auxiliary service, very small objects can also be seen, such as a Corpus Christi procession of tin figures and mini evening meal machines, whose height is no more than three cm.
Precious original manuscripts, such as an indulgence certificate from the Hanover city archive and a papal bull from the state archive, will be on display in the exhibition in a particularly protected form.

Around the valuable original church model of the Basilica St. Clemens, which its architect had made in 1713, the exhibition is divided into ten sections.
The following topics are covered here:

  • All Catholic. Hanover in the Middle Ages
  • Come and stayed
  • Suddenly no longer Catholic. Hanover and the Reformation
  • After 150 years again: Catholic in Hanover
  • The Hanoverian Electors and the construction of the Clemenskirche
  • Celebrating Mass and receiving sacraments
  • Catholic for at home: Individual piety
  • Tasks and challenges
  • Catholic sports, Catholic youth
  • Learn Catholic
  • Especially catholic living in Hannover: the religious congregations
  • Catholic together: clubs and associations
  • Catholic and political. And the Catholic Days in Hanover
  • For a long time: Active charity in Hanover
  • Help where it is needed: Caritas in Hanover
  • Hanover's Catholic personalities


Heiliger Luigi, Schutzpatron der Fußballspieler © Historisches Museum Hannover

Heiliger Luigi, Schutzpatron der Fußballspieler

Event(s): 25.05.2018 to 30.09.2018
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25.05.2018 to 30.09.2018
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