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Greenhouse – Ein Treibhaus für Bilder

Video and Sound installation

For the KunstFestSpiele 2019, exotic plants and all kinds of wildlife move into the Arne Jacobsen Foyer. However, they only become visible with the onset of darkness. Their movements are part of the video and sound installation Greenhouse, by the media artist and painter Gudrun Barenbrock, who transforms Arne Jacobsen’s glass cube into a walk-in, ‘glasshouse for images’. The work is a many-faceted composition that addresses all the senses: a transient, flowing, excursive, rambling rhythm of light and sound. Consistently new image and sound constellations combine with the silhouettes of the visitors to form a polyphonic arrangement of moving forms and structures.

Barenbrock’s Greenhouse is based on observations of nature – footage taken on her extensive travels through remote areas of Central Africa, North and South America and Asia, images that document the variety and order within the apparent chaos of nature. Digital processing reduces this visual material to its essentials, and abstracts the natural beauty of the photographs. Texts from important female researchers from four centuries are regularly superimposed on this world of image.

The soundscapes also subtly combine found and collected material from Barenbrock’s travels. Greenhouse is field research through artistic means and a great love for experimentation, a subjective-minimalist montage of various forms and structures: a glasshouse for images and sounds.

Main Event: > Kunstfestspiele Herrenhausen 2019 - all the infos
Event(s): 10.05.2019 starting from 21:30 o'clock
11.05.2019 to 27.05.2019
from 21:00 to 00:00 o'clock

Arne Jacobsen Foyer

  • Herrenhäuser Straße 4
  • 30419 Hannover
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