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Feinkost Lampe Concert

With his solo debut Diviner, former Wild Beasts singer Hayden Thorpe proves that something new can emerge from one end.

When the band, known for their idiosyncratic art indie skirt, decided to part after an intense creative decade, Hayden Thorpe escaped the depressing English winter into the soft warmth of a California sun. There the title song of the album was created as a kind of meaningful divination for the future: Hayden found, back in England, in the piano with his sonorous breathing inner life and in his own voice the strength and inspiration that his musician family had given him until then. And together these forces reinvented him as a musician, creating a deeply personal, intimate album full of vulnerability and emotional openness. A separation album, so to speak. A separation from his old artistic ego to a new inner, aesthetic and philosophical strength.
The new songs radiate a self-confident generosity with all their lyrical delicacy and an often tender tone. Inside, it focuses on the almost minimalistic-melodious core, indulge in luxurious elegance and a wealth of tonal sophistication and vocal beacon.
Herr Wieland truffles himself cheerfully through the big wide world of pop - with all its varieties and sometimes off the beaten path. Indie, electro, hiphop, avant-garde, hits, the unknown ... (almost) everything is allowed, just have fun!

Event(s): 04.10.2020 starting from 19:00 o'clock


  • Herrenhäuser Straße 3
  • 30419 Hannover

Herr Wieland (DJ Set) — 19:00
Hayden Thorpe (Live) — 21:00

Free admission

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