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Nightshade: Aubergine

The aubergine is the star of the evening on 31 May at the Orangerie. Right?

The aubergine is the star of the evening. Despite its journey around the world, this ancient nightshade has entered a wide variety of cuisines. It has adapted without losing its distinctive identity, colour or specific flavour.
In search of the shared roots of our cultures, the American opera singer Claron McFadden tracks the path of the aubergine to its source with the documentary film-maker Lisa Tahon. On their journey through the Mediterranean countries of Morocco, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Greece they are guests in many kitchens. Wherever they go they cook, eat and make music with the locals. From each host the singer learns a traditional aubergine recipe
and a song typical of the country. And she is taking the recipes and melodies on tour. Together with musicians from various countries, McFadden is writing a new and impressive chapter in the history of migration in Nightshade: Aubergine, which will continue the journey in the coming years through East Asia.

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Event(s): 31.05.2020 
from 19:30 to 21:00 o'clock

Orangerie Herrenhausen

  • Herrenhäuser Straße 3a
  • 30419 Hannover
17 / 20 / 24 Euro plus fees discounted from 10,50 Euro plus fees
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