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open-air gallery / architecture trail

Prince Ernst August and Mayor Schostok open Trails

Hereditary Prince Ernst August of Hannover and Mayor Stefan Schostok openend the new open-air gallery and architecture trail.

This year is dominated by the 300th anniversary of the royal Personal Union between Hannover and the United Kingdom, when both countries were ruled by the Hanoverian House of Guelph for 123 years. In addition to the major state exhibition on show at various museums, a further highlight of the celebrations is about to take the stage.

New: Open-air gallery

From 28 May to 27 June, Hannover city centre will be turned into a highly attractive and ‘Very British’ open-air gallery based on the concept of ‘12 locations, 12 topics, 30 days’. As from today, visitors can explore the city by following a trail of large pillars which feature the most important events that took place during the era of Personal Union, accompanied by large, striking pictures. The tops of the pillars have been specially designed for this occasion and are adorned with Union Jacks and flags bearing the Hannover logo – and two of the pillars are even topped with a royal crown. Each pillar provides information about events dealing with ‘Very British’ subjects.

New: Architecture Trail

Throughout Hannover there are still many traces of this special period in history around 300 years ago. A new guide to the city has therefore been published in the form of an architecture trail which leads people around the many monuments that date back to the time of the Personal Union.