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Die Hannoversche Königskrone mit Zepter und Brautkrone ist bis Ende 2015 auf Schloss Marienburg zu sehen.

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The Path to the Crown

Royal première: For the first time an exhibition at Marienburg Castle which runs until December 31th 2017 allows to admire the Kingdom of Hanover's Crown Jewels.

For 123 years starting 1714 the Electorate of Hanover and the Kingdom of Great Britain were linked by the fact that both were reigned over by successive rulers from the House of Guelph, Europe's oldest still existing princely dynasty, better known in Britain as the House of Hanover.

The exhibition which is dedicated to the "House of Hannover and his rulers" will recall this period of history, dealing with the topics "The Path to the Union of Crowns", "The Kings of the Personal Union" and "The Kingdom of Hanover".

The greatest highlight will be the presentation of the Kingdom of Hanover's Crown Jewels: the Royal Crown, the Scepter and the Bridal Crown, designed for King Ernest Augustus and bequeathed by him to his son King George V of Hanover.

More than 100 exhibits will be displayed in nine rooms located in the Queen's Wing of the castle. These rooms, still meticulously preserved in their original condition offer a magnificent view over the valley of the River Leine.

Event(s): 13.07.2017 to 23.12.2017
Wednesdays  Thursdays  Fridays  Saturdays  Sundays 
from 11:00 to 16:00 o'clock
01.09.2017 to 23.12.2017
from 10:00 to 18:00 o'clock

Schloss Marienburg

  • Marienberg 1
  • 30982 Pattensen

Adults 6.00 €
Children/Adolescent (6-17 years) 5.00 €
Children under 5 free