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Installation: Best of All / What Can

Tim Etchells' sound and light installation at the Arne-Jacobsen-Foyer is to be seen from 18 May until 3 June.

Illuminated letters are reflected in a puddle of water © Tim Etchells

Wait here reflection

Leibniz’s famous theory that the world in which we live is the best of all possible worlds is installed by the British artist Tim Etchells as a bold neon declaration in the Arne-Jacobsen-Foyer. Leibniz sparked a religious and philosophical debate with this theory in the 17th century. Today, placed between the Spiegelzelt and the Großer Garten, Etchells' light installation "Best of All" contributes to a current socio-political discussion, which is further concretised in Etchells' sound installation "What Can" in the interior of the venue. Here he leads viewers through a corridor of loudspeakers that raise burning questions in intense or freely associating word play.

Etchells' "What Can" examines the consequences of our decisions and actions, and asks if we can succeed in creating a ‘best possible world’.

About the Artist

Tim Etchells is a director, visual artist, writer and performer. He is the founder and artistic director of the influential British theatre and performance group Forced Entertainment, one of the most renowned experimental groups worldwide, which was awarded the Internationl Ibsen Award in 2016.

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Event(s): 18.05.2018 starting from 21:00 o'clock
19.05.2018 to 04.06.2018
from 11:00 to 00:00 o'clock

Arne Jacobsen Foyer

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  • 30419 Hannover