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Sound Installation: When Elephants Fight, ...

... it is the Frogs That Suffer: Frogs are the stars of this sound installation by the American Fluxus artist Ben Patterson at the Berggarten from 18 May until 3 June.

Plastic frogs around plastic water lilies © Estate Ben Patterson Hamburg

Ben Patterson: How Frogs Change The World

In the artificially created idyllic landscape of the Berggarten, this symphony of croaking frogs is an invitation to philosophise and to discover one’s ‘inner frog’. The artist’s sudden death prevented him from completing the installation, which was first shown at documenta 14 in Athens. But Ben Patterson had determined the form and basic elements of his ‘sound graffiti’, in which the various colours of the human voice, imitated frog sounds and material from Patterson’s extensive archive are ‘sprayed’ like graffiti between the frog soloists. Patterson smuggles various ideas into the rich timbres of eight native species of frog, political messages and philosophical lore are combined with extracts from Aristophanes’ The Frogs and the The Frog Prince, by the Brothers Grimm, into a dense carpet of sound.

Patterson refers to the symbolism of fertility and wealth and traces an arc to current questions of politics and civilisation. The title is a Greek saying of African origin. Patterson install a memorial to these small amphibious creatures, for they were the ones who enabled human life on this planet with their courageous primordial leap from the water.

Main Event: > Kunstfestspiele Herrenhausen 2018 - all the infos
Event(s): 18.05.2018 starting from 18:00 o'clock
19.05.2018 to 03.06.2018
from 11:00 to 20:00 o'clock


  • Herrenhäuser Straße 4
  • 30419 Hannover

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Tickets are only available at the ticket office of the Berggarten or Große Garten. The discount entitlements of the Herrenhausen Gardens apply.