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GOP Varieté: Appartement

From 5 July to 2 September, the GOP Hannover presents an artistic spectacle with French charm about the high art of cultivated coexistence.

Cultivated living together is a fine art - even if the circumstances may seem ideal. But what if living worlds collide in a shared apartment that hold plenty of explosives for absurd, dramatic and comical moments? When much comes together that does not belong together and "beautiful living" is completely reinterpreted? "Apartment" is an artistic spectacle with a high degree of French charm. Because that's the story: Madame and Monsieur du Fèvre are noble and totally broke. The distinguished couple has already had to sublet several rooms in their old Parisian apartment. Especially to young savages who consistently turn the orderly life of the two upside down. And then this: Another tenant has to come here, because a room is still available...

Summer Holiday Special: Kids Free of Charge

During the summer holidays from 28 July to 8 August, the GOP invites one child up to and including 14 years accompanied by a full-paying adult to the GOP Varieté-Theater Hannover free of charge.

Philippe Trépanier & Tamara Bousquet, "Les Deux de Pique"

When Phil is asked what kind of act he shows on stage, he likes to answer: "Just one of those numbers you really want to see a second time." There's this parody of the classic knife-thrower act, for example. Tam is the most charming and "sexiest" assistant under the sun and the failed sociologist Phil can throw darts better than anyone else on the world's show stages.

Jason Fergusson & Coen Clarke, Partner Acrobatics

As a predestined "underling", Jason discovered the Russian Bar for himself in 2007 and has been catching, balancing and lifting his stage partner Coen ever since. Coen was already an acrobatic hopeful as a youngster and was supported by the Olympic training program for several years. After Coen had travelled all over Australia with various shows, his international career began in 2008 with the show "Cavalia".

David Louch, Juggling

Jugglers are often quite obsessed with their passion. In short: they juggle what they get their hands on. Whether oranges, pears, bananas or just - like David Louch - Pömpel or as they are technically correctly called: spout cleaners.

Anne-Marie Poirier, Vertical Cloth

As a young girl Anne-Marie Poirier was enthusiastic about team sport and theatre. In the circus arts she then found the way to combine movement, expression and representation in ever new ways.

James Holt, Russian Parallel Bars, Vertical Rope

The Australian James Holt first began studying graphic design when he saw a show by "Cirque du Soleil" at the age of 20. From then on his studies were history and he became a successful artist himself.

Thibault Theyssens, Cyr

His handling of his constantly circling Cyr ring is poetic and touching. In it he performs great artistic tricks and at the same time seems to merge with his ring to a big whole.

Vita Radionova, Contortion

In her performances, the Ukrainian-born artist combines aesthetics, elegance and physical dexterity. Vita enjoyed her education at the Kiev Circus School.

Event(s): 05.07.2018 to 02.09.2018
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05.07.2018 to 02.09.2018
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  • 30159 Hannover
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