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Premiere: Tristan and Isolde

Between longing and duty, between love and anguish: Richard Wagner's opera about Tristan and Isolde, a couple who have become the epitome of tragic love, will premiere at the Opera House on 16 September.

Love that cannot be fulfilled

Tristan was first led to Isolde during wartime under the false identity of Tantris. Only Isolde's healing arts could seal his wound, but when she recognized Tantris as the enemy who had killed her fiancé, she refused revenge on the helpless, defenseless knight out of pity. Since then, the struggle between his duty of loyalty to his king and his love for Isolde has been raging in Tristan - the war he once fought in the field now lives on painfully in his heart.

Tristan, of all people, has to transfer Isolde from Ireland to Cornwall after the end of the war in order to seal the peace between the two long-enemy peoples. Shortly before the end of the journey, however, Tristan's confrontation with Isolde becomes inevitable: she asks him to drink an ostensible atonement potion, which they both think is a redeeming poison.

The expected death together allows them to reveal their feelings to each other - but when the potion turns out to be an elixir of love, this moment of the highest happiness turns into the moment of the greatest tragedy in their lives: since then they know that this unfulfillable love will torture them until the end of their days. Now all they have left is the darkness of the night to make sure of their love...

Tristan and Isolde

Wagner uses leitmotifs on these confused paths of emotions as "signposts". The worlds of day and night tell just as much about the lighting conditions as about the suffering and pain of the protagonists by means of groundbreaking harmonics. Tristan and Isolde" thus become the epitome of an eternal conflict between longing and the fulfilment of duty, light and dark, longing for love and torment of love, which only find salvation in the absolute state of the dark of death.

Event(s): 02.12.2018 
from 16:00 to 20:45 o'clock
22.12.2018 starting from 17:00 o'clock

Opernhaus Hannover

  • Opernplatz 1
  • 30159 Hannover
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