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Video-Opera: An Index of Metals – false twins

On May 31st, the video-opera "An Index of Metals" by Fausto Romitello will be performed at the Orangery. In the opera, which the composer calls a "ritual sound-mass", the renowned Belgian Ictus ensemble tells the story of the fusion of perception in the interplay of sound and light.

Orchester © Astrid Karger

Ictus Ensemble

Three films are projected onto three screens and enter into a dialogue with music for soprano and eleven amplified instruments. The tremendous forces of corrosion or deformation and the glowing of metal surfaces are explored in music and image. The sound is thought of as matter, and is modelled through electro-acoustic processes into porous or dense, rigid or warping sound formations.

Lichtenstein to Pink Floyd

Romitelli had the tendency to surround himself with a complex mandala of pop symbols: Lichtenstein’s painting Drowning Girl inspired the libretto; he found his samples in Pink Floyd, and in Robert Fripp and Brian Eno the poetry of heavy metal, the cold glinting colours and the fall into pure noise at the end. Although Romitelli’s piece not directly influenced by Fripp and Eno, there is a striking and significant connection between the two works with the same titled. Fripp und Eno’s "An Index of Metals", from 1975, is an approximately half-hour-long guitar solo, which Kobe Van Couwenberghe reconstructs at the beginning of the concert with the grainy sound of two historical tape machines, the famous "Frippertronics" loop system.

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Event(s): 31.05.2018 
from 19:30 to 21:00 o'clock

Orangerie Herrenhausen

  • Herrenhäuser Straße 3a
  • 30419 Hannover
Tickets 24,00 € to 34,00 €
Reduced From 12,00 €
Advance sale: