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GOP: Camping

From 16 January to 8 March, when  people balance on clotheslines, juggle with barbecue accessories and acrobatically conquer the space above the tents, the spectator is right in the middle of the GOP campsite. 

Holidays From Winter

Every year the heroes of this show meet at the campsite - in anticipation of great events ... The Canadian director Geneviève Kérouac and her world-class artistic ensemble have taken on the biotope of folding chairs, freedom, love, intrigue and charcoal. The result is a sensationally cheerful and sensual entertainment cocktail.


The Campers (Artists)

  • Colin André-Heriaud (Acrobatics, Comedy)
  • Aaron DeWitt (Acrobaticsk, Dance, Music)
  • Arielle Lauzon (Acrobatics, Comedy)
  • Publio Alberto Rabago (Acrobatics, Comedy)
  • Florian Grobety (Acrobatics, Music)
  • Nate Armour (Juggling, Music)
  • Patrick Ouellet (Comedy, Music)
  • Érika Hagen-Veilleux (Acrobatics, Music)
  • Thomas Blacharz (Dance, Music)
  • Marion Bayle (Dance, Music)
Event(s): 24.01.2020 to 08.03.2020
Tuesdays  Wednesdays  Thursdays 
from 19:30 to 21:30 o'clock
24.01.2020 to 08.03.2020
Fridays  Saturdays 
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24.01.2020 to 08.03.2020
Fridays  Saturdays 
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24.01.2020 to 08.03.2020
from 14:00 to 16:00 o'clock
24.01.2020 to 08.03.2020
Thursdays  Sundays 
from 17:00 to 19:00 o'clock

GOP Varieté

  • Georgstraße 36
  • 30159 Hannover
There are no events on: 25/02/2020
24,00 / 39,00 / 44,00 Euro Discount for children under 14 years
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