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GOP: Kawoom

The GOP tells a story of survival in the dreariness of everyday life, through the power of fantasy - the show can still be experienced until 30 June.

The Story

Mr. Mutzmann is always a conscientious, tidy and punctual civil servant - caught between file number and numbers. To escape his stodgy routine, he has developed a simple but clever idea. He assigns a meaning to every number he encounters: a feeling, a colour, an event, a name, a place. Thus, new wonder worlds and adventures emerge before his inner eye, in which he can lose himself. One day it makes "Kawoom!" and like a blow Mr. Mutzmann meets his very own, heroic story, which always slumbered deep inside him.

The Artistis

Markus Pabst (Comedy, Jonglage)
Jack Woodhead (Presentation, Music)
Collins Brothers (Comedy)
Saleh Prinz Yazdani (Acrobatics)
Donial Kalex (Jonglage, LED Visual Poi)
Duo Sienna (Acrobatics)
Ye Fei (Music)
Alessandro di Sazio (Acrobatics, Dance)
Anna Shvedkova (Acrobatics)

Event(s): 26.06.2019 to 30.06.2019
Wednesdays  Thursdays  Fridays 
from 20:00 to 00:00 o'clock
29.06.2019 starting from 18:00 o'clock
29.06.2019 starting from 21:00 o'clock
30.06.2019 starting from 14:00 o'clock
30.06.2019 starting from 17:00 o'clock

GOP Varieté

  • Georgstraße 36
  • 30159 Hannover
There are no events on: 28/06/2019
24,00 / 39,00 / 44,00 Euro
Advance sale:
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