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Kopernikus – Opéra-rituel de mort

German premiere of the new production by Peter Sellars.

Calling all visionaries! Claude Vivier was calling out to the universe in 1981, and the universe answered. His opéra rituel du mort, Kopernikus, is a gathering of celestial voices moving across intergalactic dream spaces and manifesting on earth for the consolation, comfort, and healing of desperate human beings. Vivier’s mercurial career was mostly invisible to this world. A self-taught outsider inspired by Balinese cremation rituals, midnight mass in bitter cold Montreal, early music and late music, hovering near Karlheinz Stockhausen and gay pick-up spots in public parks, an orphan, a troubled spirit, and a joyous, unbuttoned being who would never fit in anywhere, Claude Vivier, like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, knew that he would die young. His opera, Kopernikus, prepares the ceremony for his own death. The opera is named for Copernicus because it honors those humans who have sought out and gazed out upon other worlds. The characters in the opera include Copernicus, Copernicus’ mother, and Mozart, and the Queen of the Night, and Tristan and Isolde, and Lewis Carroll. And Agni, the Hindu god/goddess of fire: the liberating flame of inspiration, cremation, the divine breath, the ultimate annihilation and source of human creativity. Promethean courage and freedom are in every bar of Claude Vivier’s wild, heart-rending, and strangely sublime music. As it moves through worlds from life, through death, and into new life, Vivier’s music finds a peace beyond peace, sacred rest in metaphysical action. The visionaries are arriving. We no longer need to be afraid. 

Ensemble vocal Roomful of Teeth / Ensemble instrumental L’Instant Donné

Dancer, Choreographer / Assistent of Peter Sellars Michael Schumacher
Director Peter Sellars

Language French and fictional languages, partially with German surtitles 

Duration 1h 30min / no intermission

Main Event: > Kunstfestspiele Herrenhausen 2019 - all the infos
Event(s): 10.05.2019 to 11.05.2019
from 19:30 to 21:00 o'clock
11.05.2019 to 12.05.2019
from 19:30 to 21:00 o'clock

Orangerie Herrenhausen

  • Herrenhäuser Straße 3a
  • 30419 Hannover
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