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International Geocaching Mysteries: Great Britain

Telefonzelle England © Fotolia / Tupungato
Bruchmeisterallee 6 30169 Hannover
  • Challenge: 2.5 of 5
  • Ground 1 of 5
  • Cache-Size: large
  • Coordinate: N 52° 21.847 E 009° 43.989
  • Location: South    

International Geocaching Mysteries: Great Britain

A cache in the ‘International Geocaching Mysteries’ series, presenting places in Hannover that offer ‘backdoor globetrotting’!
Hannover has many ties with the UK. Not only did the Electorate of Hannover and the Kingdom of Great Britain share a king for 123 years – the relationship is still going strong now, including a town-twinning arrangement with Bristol. Pupils from more than 50 countries learn here at the International School, where the teaching language is of course English. This cache sets geocachers a short, virtual entrance examination. Clue: if you remain FAIR, you can ‘enter’ the telephone booth. ( Locker: the bracket must be pressed into the body, then it will open)
 Then, equally FAIRly, you dial the right number and answer the questions that will grant you access.


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