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Musical Secrets: Bonus Track 3

Expowal 2 © HMTG
Kastanienweg 2 30880 Laatzen
  • Difficulty: 2 of 5
  • Area: 1.5 of 5
  • Cache-Size: middle
  • Coordinates: N 52° 18.000 E 009° 49.000
  • Position: South/East

Musical Secrets: Bonus Track 3

Part of the GeoTour "Ge(o)heimnisse der Region Hannover"

The cache is not at the specified coordinates. To find the cache you have to complete the following caches first:
Musikalische Ge(o)heimnisse: Alter Bahnhof (A)
Musikalische Ge(o)heimnisse: Kino (B)
Musikalische Ge(o)heimnisse: Hören (C)

You will find a bonus word in each of them - the first letter must be converted into a number.

Put these three numbers into the formula below and it will be clear where you need to go:
N 52°18.(A+B),(B+1),(C)
E 009°49.(B), 0, (C)

On site you will have to "turn the wheel" a little to get the code for the lock. Have fun! Do not forget the bonus word inside the cache for the super bonus!

To determine the bonus number you have to figure out the digit sum, which is a single digit.


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