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Musical Secrets: CD

EDC Hannover 2 © HMTG
Klusriede 26 30851 Langenhagen
  • Difficulty: 2 of 5
  • Area: 1.5 of 5
  • Cache-Size: big
  • Coordinates: N 52° 25.711 E 009° 44.676
  • Position: North/East

Musical Secrets: CD

Part of the GeoTour "Ge(o)heimnisse der Region Hannover"

Entering the bicycle shelter is allowed, but the cache is not located on the bicycles! In addition to the  gramophone record, the LP and the MC, the CD was also mass-produce for the first time in Hanover. It plays a central role for this cache! Please bring a flashlight and a slightly stronger magnet!
Hint: counting, reading, counting legs.

Additional Hints (Encrypt):
rotate through
BONUS CODE: _ _ _  (1st Letter)


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