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kestnergesellschaft © kestnergesellschaft





マッシュ湖畔にあるシュプレンゲル美術館にはピカソ、ノルデ、クレーなど有名な画家の作品が収容されています。その他ケストナーゲゼルシャフトや美術協会、またアーラース プロ・アルテ/ケストナー プロ・アルテ基金なども地域を越えて有名な現代芸術の美術館に数えられます。ライネ川岸のブリュール通りとライプニッツウーファーのスクラプチャー・マイルでは、ニキ・ドゥ・サン・ファレの豪奢な作品が見られます。家族ぐるみで楽しめる博物館としては、原始時代史、自然科学、民俗学分野の他、州立ギャラリーや水族館を持つハノーバー州立博物館が挙げられます。また400年間の風刺画と社会に対する批判的グラフィックを収集したドイツ博物館 (別名ヴィルヘルム・ブッシュ美術館) も家族で楽しめるものの一つです。ニーダーザクセン州やハノーバー市の歴史に興味のある人は、歴史博物館で多くの発見をするでしょう。



Schloss Herrenhausen © HMTG

The rebuilt summer residence

Herrenhausen Palace and Museum

The summer residence of the Royal House of Hanover was destroyed in the Second World War. Now it has been rebuilt on the original site to... more...

Haus mit Wiese und blühendem Blumenbeet davor. © Wilhelm-Busch-Gesellschaft e.V.


Museum for Caricature Wilhelm Busch

In special exhibitions the Karikaturmuseum Wilhelm Busch shows the work of international artists who, by virtue of their critical attitud... more...

Das Niedersächsische Landesmuseum ist in einem historischen Gebäude untergebracht. © Landesmuseum Hannover


Lower Saxony State Museum

The State Museum displays art from the Middle Ages to the early 20th century, archaeology, ethnology and natural history. more...

Outside view of the Historical Museum © LHH, Historical Museum Hannover


The Museum of History

The Museum of History is a goldmine for all who are interested in the history of the state or the city. more...

Schloss Marienburg © Knaak

Tourist Highlight

Marienburg Castle

Like something out of a fairy-tale Marienburg Castle is perched on a hilltop near the town of Pattensen. more...

Sprengel Museum Hannover with modern art © HMTG / Gerhardts


Sprengel Museum Hannover

The Museum houses a world-renowned collection of 20th century and contemporary art. more...

beleuchtetes Gebäude © Kunstverein Hannover (source)


Kunstverein Hannover

The Arts Society of Hannover hosts many national and international exhibitions echoing key schools of contemporary art. more...

Die kestnergesellschaft von der gegenüberliegenden Straßenseite an der Goseriede aus gesehen. © Ulrich Prigge


kestnergesellschaft Hannover

Since 1916 exhibitions of outstanding artists have been reflecting the international contemporary art world. more...

Außenaufnahme des Museum August Kestner © Landeshauptstadt Hannover


Museum August Kestner

Opened to the public in 1889, the Museum August Kestner is the oldest museum in Hannover. It is famous for its mixture of Egyptian, Graec... more...

Städtische Galerie Kubus © Landeshauptstadt Hannover


KUBUS Gallery

The KUBUS is a forum for contemporary art. more...

Two white and two red gerberas at the bottom of the Holocaust Memorial listing the names of the dead © LHH

Memory and Commemoration

Culture of Remembrance

Within the area of Hannover, several memorial sites dedicated to the victims of Nazi Germany can be found. more...