Construction and Planning Directorate

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Directorate VI of the City Administration

The Construction Directorate comprises the Planning and Urban Development Divisions as well as Civil Engineering. It also contains the controlling division of the directorate and the citizens' service on building matters.

The Planning and Urban Development Division covers matters of structural regulations and development as well as shaping the Hannover cityscape. Here the foundations for planning the city development are devised and land development plans and town planning maps are drawn up. With the city map and geodata, the Geoinformation Division provides the fundamental information for planning and development.

Among the Directorate’s responsibilities are also construction regulations including monuments protection and the Urban Redevelopment and Habitation Division.

The Civil Engineering Division is concerned with streets, bridges and traffic in the city. Civil engineering works by other Divisions and administrations also are coordinated here. In order to improve the effectiveness of the administration, traffic flow management, which used to belong to the Regulatory Agency, was reassigned to the Civil Engineering Division. This includes the maintenance of all traffic facilities and the city’s car-park routeing system as well as the supervision of parking ticket machines.

Another task of the Construction Directorate is to protect the city’s interests in the housing associations "Gesellschaft für Bauen und Wohnen Hannover mbH" and "union-boden GmbH" and Hannover's public transportation services (Üstra).