Climate Alliance Hannover 2020

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The city of Hannover aims, by the year 2020, to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions within the municipal region by 40 percent compared to 1990 levels.

New Town Hall Hannover

Citizens, companies and organisations, the City Administration and the municipal energy supplier Stadtwerke Hannover AG are united in their commitment to climate protection and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

It is now 12 years since the City of Hannover presented its first climate protection programme. By now the consequences of climate change are being felt in all regions of the world. Climate protection is fast becoming one of the most important issues in national and international politics. Legislation has been amended, economic incentives provided for climate-friendly behaviour, and considerable technological progress made in terms of generating renewable energy and using energy more efficiently.

Much has changed, but one thing has remained constant: the need to act locally. The City Council of Hannover has set targets for a new local climate protection programme. In compliance with the guidelines of the European Union and the climate protection targets set by Germany's federal government, Hannover is aiming for a 40-percent reduction in its emissions of greenhouse gases by the year 2020.

This ambitious target can only be reached if there is a united effort by citizens, companies and various organisations.

More climate-friendly behaviour need not mean a reduction in individual freedom. In fact, by adopting a more responsible approach to natural resources we can increase the general quality of life in our city. Investment in climate protection will provide a powerful boost to local employment, for example in building refurbishment.

In the following pages we will present certain key components and results of the 2020 Climate Protection Programme.

The Climate Alliance Hannover 2020 is co-funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment to the amount of € 170,000. This funding is being used to maintain and strengthen the existing networks and to publicise the work of the Climate Alliance.

6-minute promotional film about the climate protection activities in Hanover (mp4, 74 MB)

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