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City of Hannover

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Hannover is an exciting centre of higher education and research. See trends, tips, and activities of people who study, teach, research, but also like to party here.

How can a new organ grow from a single cell?
Why do sounds help us learn?
What do I need for a successful start at university?
Students and scientists provide the answers.
Here on study.research.knowledge – a project by the Hannover Science Initiative.

Program featuring 180 activities in Hannover

KNOWember of Science 2021

From November 1 - 14, 2021, a plethora of universities as well as research and educational institutions invite you to lectures, discussions, experiments,...

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Informations about part-time work during studies

International Students and Part-time Jobs

Many foreign students need a job to finance their studies in Germany. That’s why reliable information regarding job opportunities and legal regulations is...

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A Quest for “Leibniz‘s legacy“ at Herrenhausen Gardens

Digital Garden Rally with Leibniz Actionbound

To mark the 375th anniversary of the birth of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646 - 1716), the Actionbound app takes users on a quest for Leibniz's legacy. At...

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His life, his discoveries, his legacy

Leibniz in Hannover

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646 - 1716) is one of the last great polymaths. Leibniz's ideas of thought and ideas are still found today in science and rese...

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The ideal location for innovative business development

Science and Technology Park Hannover

In the middle of nature, with ideal traffic connections and innovative neighbors. The Technology Center in the Science Park offers start-ups an optimal fo...

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Intergenerational contract of a different kind


“Homeshare” provides housing in a new form of house-sharing. International students live together with elderly people, who offer free accommodation in exc...

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