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Informationen about the energy, water and greenconcept

Bebauungsplan mit Grünplanung

In Wettbergen, in the south-west of Hannover, Europe’s largest innovative ‘climate protection housing development’ is emerging, with some 300 terraced, semi-detached and detached houses designed as Passive Houses in a zero-emissions estate. The intention is that the residual CO2 emissions generated by remaining energy requirements and the still-needed ‘household electricity’ will be offset in a climate-neutral manner by reactivating an abandoned hydroelectric power plant. As well as CO2 neutrality, the construction area will provide an excellent quality of life with generously planned green space of superior design and an exemplary water concept. After its EXPO development at Kronsberg, Hannover is once again setting standards in climate and environmental protection with its ′zero:e park am Hirtenbach′ construction project.