The Water and Greenspace Concept

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Water and Greenspace Concept for a sustainable settlement

The water and greenspace concept

For the planned development area, high standards of urban design and ecological sustainability have been agreed that go beyond climate protection and are intended to take account of aspects such as the impact of climate change. For example, the housing estate, which will be directly adjacent to a landscape conservation area, is to receive particularly valuable open space with generous green corridors and an optimum water concept.

The rainwater will infiltrate on-site in a soakaway system (Mulden-Rigolen-System) so that the same volume of water drains away as before. Overall, the water resource management concept will enable the rate of groundwater recharge and evaporation to be largely maintained. This will achieve a preventive flood control effect, averting additional charging of the Hirtenbach stream even during heavy rainfall.

Between the construction sections, a ‘green window onto the countryside’ will be created. This will link up the greenspace from the Hirtenbach stream to the municipal cemetery in Ricklingen, and thus continue to ensure the influx of fresh air from the hinterland to the districts adjoining the planning area.

Information is available to families building their own homes who wish to plant up their own properties; this contains recommendations on what to plant to minimise shading. The ‘Garden Guide’ (‘Gartenhandbuch’) for the zero:e park (in German only) provides suggestions. The architects and landscape architects of ‘AG baufrösche’ and ‘foundation 5+’ have produced a booklet on behalf of the municipality which can be downloaded here or from the City of Hannover’s Climate Protection Unit: Tel- ++49 (0)511 168 43611 or e-mail

Anlage eines Mulden-Rigolen Systems