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Free advisory service when building a Passive House

zero:e park


Building a new detached house incorporating the energy efficiency aspects that are necessary today places exacting demands on the families doing so. That’s why specific informational and advisory services was available for the zero:e park; both this and the ongoing support during the construction period were important elements in averting problems.

Even before a contract of sale was signed, an initial advice session with the town-planning authority and through the City of Hannover’s Climate Protection Unit was offered; all the necessary clarification concerning the energy efficiency requirements was received.

As a guide for the various decisions involved, the services of an ‘Energy Pilot’ (download, PDF document) for whom proKlima provided funding, was offered.

In order to provide further support to those building houses on the site and the residents of the adjacent districts of Wettbergen and Oberricklingen, in 2011 Hannover City Council commissioned the City Administration to develop a plan for citizens’ participation and communication. This plan involves the City’s Climate Protection Unit being responsible for the ‘Living Neighbourhoods’ (LeNa) concept. The purpose of the different LeNa elements was to stimulate energy-efficiency and ecological improvement for the various districts. The new residential area with its climate-friendly exemplary character is intended to act as a source of inspiration exerting a positive influence on adjacent neighbourhoods and hence contribute to their enhancement. At the same time, the aim is that the development area will become socially integrated into the existing districts.

The LeNa project was funded in 2011 and 2012 using resources from the federal state of Lower Saxony as part of the state-wide climate protection competition ‘Klima Kommunal 2010’.

LeNa also supports a consumption data analysis for the finished houses in the zero:e park, this being conducted by the proKlima climate protection fund.

To ensure that everything is implemented as planned, clients in the zero:e park need to enlist the services of a quality-assurance provider who should be involved in the planning process from an early stage.