Made in Germany three - the exhibitions

The exhibition "Made in Germany three" takes place from 3 June to 3 September in the Sprengel Museum, Kestnergesellschaft and the Kunstverein Hannover.

In the summer of 2017, PRODUCTION. made in germany three will aim to reflect the multifaceted and diverse art scene in Germany, for the first time ever with a thematic focus. The third edition of Made in Germany in Hanover will concentrate on the conditions of the production of art in Germany and the question of how geographic, political, and institutional structures as well as new technologies create the necessary prerequisites for the production of art. Moreover, it will ask to what extent current artistic work is fundamentally influenced by these prerequisites or takes them as its subject. PRODUCTION. made in germany three deals with the element of “made in”—that is, the relevance of Germany as the location of production, and in particular its cultural concentration in the federal system under the advance of globalization and digitization.