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Caroline und Wilhelm Herschel

Friedrich Wilhelm Herschel was born on November 15, 1738, his sister Karoline Lucretia on March 16, 1750 in Hanover. Friedrich Wilhelm was initially a musician in the Hanoverian Guard, then went to England in 1757, where he adopted the first name William. He lived in Bath as an organist and composer, while also studying astronomy, which was his passion. His sister, who shared his passion, followed him to England in 1772.

On the night of March 12-13, 1781, William Herschel discovered the planet Uranus. Karoline supported her brother in his astronomical work, but also made her own observations. For example, she discovered eight comets and several nebulae. After the death of her brother in 1822, she returned to Hanover and continued her work here. Here she died on January 9, 1848 at the age of almost 98 years.

The observatory in Hanover was named after these two important astronomers "People's Observatory Siblings Herschel Hannover".