Night of the Proms 2023

Classic meets US rock, Danish pop and British songwriters - at the 28th edition of the big music show on December 6th in the ZAG Arena.

Antwerp Philharmonic Orchestra

The Night of the Proms 2023 promises to be an extraordinary concert experience again this year. Under the motto "Classic meets Pop", international stars of the rock and pop business will once again be on stage and present an unforgettable evening accompanied by the Antwerp Philharmonic Orchestra and the Fine Fleur Choir under the direction of Alexandra Arrieche.


The band, which became world famous in the 80s with hits like "Africa" and "Rosanna", has been a fixture in the music scene for decades. With over 40 years of stage experience and a number of Grammy Awards, their timeless music is still part of the daily radio program of all stations. With Steve Lukather and Joseph Williams, the two heads of the band perform their greatest works at the Proms.


The US singer is a gifted performer and has enchanted Proms audiences with her diverse voice in the past. Since her breakthrough in 2000, she has sold over 30 million albums worldwide and is known for hits like "I'm Outta Love" and "Left Outside Alone".

James Morrison

The British singer-songwriter inspires the hearts of fans with his soft voice and soulful music. With his debut album "Undiscovered" he landed at number 1 in the British charts in 2006 and has since become an integral part of the music scene. M

Aura Dione

The Danish pop singer is best known for her number 1 hit "Geronimo". With catchy melodies in songs like "I Will Love You Monday (365)" or "Friends", her unmistakable voice and her extravagant appearance and performance, she has established herself in the international pop scene.

Bridging the gap between light and serious music

For 28 years, the Night of the Proms has been bridging the gap between classical and popular music as part of an annual tour through the arenas of Germany and, despite all the hostilities and concerns of the early days, has developed into the most successful festival tour in Europe.

Audiovisual pre-Christmas happening

Under the motto "Classic meets Pop", the organizer proves that classical music also works outside of typical classical conventions. Supported by a spectacular light show and large-scale projections, the three-hour show becomes an audiovisual pre-Christmas happening.


06.12.2023 starting from 20:00 o'clock


ZAG Arena (vormals TUI Arena)
Expo Plaza 7
30539 Hannover


62,25- bis 105,95 €

Preise ggf. zzgl. Gebühren
Einlass ab 18:30 Uhr