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European Work

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United: The State Capital Hannover and Europe

As part of its European work, the International Unit informs and advises the City Administration on relevant EU developments and funding programmes. Another part of its remit is to establish Europe as an integral theme within the City Administration and to strengthen the European idea within the urban community. In particular, we organize various events throughout the year, such as exhibitions, events relating to the EU Council presidencies and activities during European Week.

Fundraising and EU Projects

The municipality is, on a regular basis, actively involved in international projects supported by the EU. Together with project partners from all over Europe, it develops innovative approaches aimed at tackling local challenges together and benefiting from Europe-wide sharing of experience.

EU projects during the funding period 2014–2020 (list not exhaustive):

Working in European Networks

Hannover harnesses the potential of European city and specialist networks. Working in networks serves to increase Hannover's visibility and influence with regard, for example, to European legislation and to scope for  being informed at an early stage about new developments and European legal regulations. Furthermore, the various memberships are used to find suitable cooperative partners and to acquire EU funding. The sharing of expertise within these networks is intended to cultivate inspiration and further knowledge in relation to City of Hannover initiatives.

The City of Hannover has been actively involved in several European city networks for many years, especially in the following ones:

Strengthening the European Idea

Another integral aspect of our European work is public relations and keeping citizens informed. Our aim is to make Europe a tangible experience in Hannover by means, for example, of themed information events such as the six-monthly series of events relating to the EU Council presidencies in cooperation with the European Information Centre and the Region Hannover authority.

Current events can be found here.