Corona tests

Corona test centers in the city and region of Hanover

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Overview of rapid test centers in the city of Hannover and the surrounding municipalities


If you want to be tested for Corona, you have the following options:

  • medical practices
  • pharmacies
  • a rapid citizen test center commissioned by the health department

end of test medical practices are under to find. In the search mask there, the dot must be entered in the "Special features" field Corona rapid test to be chosen.

pharmacies , which offer quick tests in Hanover and the surrounding area, are under listed.



Notes on PCR testing

Red warning app: no longer entitled to a PCR test

A red warning message on the app is therefore no longer sufficient to receive a free PCR test. According to the Ministry of Health, those affected should first do a rapid antigen test. The aim is to relieve the laboratories.
Patients at risk, people in vulnerable areas (care, integration assistance, home care) and in medical areas (practices, hospitals, care, emergency services) will in future be given preference when diagnosing and evaluating the PCR tests. However, they too must first have a positive antigen rapid test.

Free testing with an antigen rapid test

In order to further reduce the need for PCR tests, a monitored rapid test should also be sufficient in the future to “test” yourself prematurely from isolation as an infected person or from quarantine as a contact person of infected people.
The amended test regulation, which regulates the assumption of costs for the tests, now comes into force. According to the Federal Ministry of Health, PCR tests should be concentrated on cases in which a positive test result can be assumed. The aim is to use the test capacities even more specifically than before due to the current sharp increase in the number of infections.


The list of rapid test centers is constantly updated; there is no claim to completeness, nor can short-term changes be ruled out.

Corona tests

Corona test centers in the city of Hanover

Overview of test centers in the city of Hanover

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Corona tests

Corona test centers in the surrounding area

Overview of test centers in the Hanover region - excluding the city of Hanover

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