Winter variety 2023/24: Meeting in the Wood

The winter variety show at the Orangerie will also be wild on both Christmas days.

Ganz schön wild das Wintervarieté 2023/24

In our fast-paced times, the world seems to be getting smaller. Digitalisation has us firmly in its grip and the earth is circled in a few hours. In order to get to know themselves and their own strengths again, people of all kinds retreat to the forest and the untouched wilderness in the show „Wilderness“. Untouched? Not quite, because one of them has been living there for a long time: Jacques Schneider plays the hermit who rides an impressive artistic bicycle and has a perfect command not only of the loud but also of the quiet, poetic tones. He is visited in the wilderness by various artists whose skills ensure that the audience takes its breath away from time to time.


25.12.2023 to 26.12.2023 starting from 14:00 o'clock

25.12.2023 to 26.12.2023 starting from 17:00 o'clock


Orangerie Herrenhausen
Herrenhäuser Straße 3
30419 Hannover

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39-55 €