Promoting sustainable development

Agenda 21- und Sustainability Office

The Sustainability Office located in the Directorate of Economic and Environmental Affairs promotes sustainable development within the city administration as well as in the urban society. It develops concepts and implementation strategies, performs cross-sectional tasks, provides actors with a platform and supports multipliers as a service point in their work.

The New Town Hall.

The Sustainability Office cooperates with a large number of organizations and partners from the environmental, economic and social sectors as well as from the development and education sectors and takes part in many networks. For the coming years, the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) at the local level is the focus of our work.

Steps taken to implement sustainable development within municipal work were shown in signing a declaration regarding the sustainable development goals. In signing the declaration of the Association of German Cities ‘2030 Agenda: Building Sustainability at the Local Level’ in 2016, the City of Hannover is strengthening information sharing on – and awareness of – the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), incorporating all societally relevant groups and networks. This is a coherent continuation of work on the Millennium Development Goals, which Hannover adopted in 2009 as a basis for action.

Our topics and main tasks

  • Local sustainability strategies
  • Sustainability Indicators and Reporting
  • “Fair Trade”
  • Raising awareness of Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Sustainable public Procurement
  • Sustainable lifestyles
  • Global climate and resource protection
  • Education for Sustainable Development / Environmental Education for Schools and Day Care
  • Centers and Global Learning
  • Coordination Kinderwald Hannover as extracurricular learning place
  • Communical partnerships with countries of the Global South
  • Sustainable economics
  • Sustainable event planning

The Agenda 21- and Sustainability Office is currently working to translate their information into English. Information in German is available here:

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