Novelties at the Zoo

Black Easter Chick

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Penguin chick Doris-Dolores is not the only animally surprise at the Adventure Zoo Hannover – there is a lot on the programme in 2013.

In the season 2013, the Adventure Zoo Hannover presents a colourful bouquet of shows, feedings, animally attractions and great events.

Black Easter Chick

Doris-Dolores is the opposite of the classic gracile, cotton soft yellow Easter chick. Chubby, black, wide beak, fat legs and the feather fluff are more reminiscent of terrycloth. And still, for the team of the Adventure Zoo Hannover the penguin offspring is the most beautiful chick of the Easter time. Born on 4 February 2013, Doris-Dolores already weighs some impressive 1.2 kg. Soon she looses her whole plumage and is able to catch some fish herself.

The World's smartest Caracara

Sir Stanley, a Forster's caracara, is one of the most intelligent raptors in the world: No tent is safe from him, no cap screwed firmly enough, no puzzle too difficult, no tube too tight. Stanley knows exactly how to get to the hidden treasures. That's why he is the new star of the show "Animals as Survivalists" – daily at 1 p.m. in the show arena.

Strength lies in Calmness

While the caracara doesn't care how much noise and chaos he spreads, Smilla concentrates on a whole other survival strategy. The snowy owl with the mighty wings floats absolutely soundless through the air. Snowy owls hunt, other than different owls, also during the day. Therefore the white raptor can't use the protection of the night and needs to fly through the air as silent as possible.

Approachable Knowledge

Besides commented feedings and shows, animal signs at each compound and big, painted adventure signs, there are additional "edutainment" stations at the zoo – so called "active education". The new edutainment station at the snowy owl compound literally conveys an insight into the eyesight of the raptor. Further stations can be found near the cariboo, lion and zebra compound.

Animally Events

On the agenda for 2013, amongst other things, are: The popular children's festival week in June, gold rush days at the end of August, barker days, Indian bazaars, farmer Meyer's market days, cheese nights, wine hopping, an outback day and the multi zookeeper competition. The Easter holidays make the start – the zoo has come up with varying activities for the whole family that shouldn't be missed.