Fountain and monument

Water games

Water dances up and down in the forecourt of the station, every so often catching the feet of the children, who on warm summer days dare to jump over the elongated columns. And Hannover's more fearless dogs also use the fountains for both refreshment and entertainment.

Fountain in front of the main station

Since its construction in 1845, Hannover's station forecourt retained its pentagonal layout, but was frequently redesigned. At the beginning of the 20th century, the square still resembled a park-like complex with two fountains adorning the flowerbeds on both sides of the equestrian statue of King Ernst August.

After its destruction in the Second World War, the station forecourt was redesigned with a round waterspout fountain now decorating the open space between the statue and Bahnhofstrasse. However, this was replaced by a then modern fan-shaped fountain around 1960.

The subway construction and its consequences

When the construction of the subway in Hanover's city centre began in the 1970s, the fan fountain had to make room for the "Passerelle". Hannover now had an attractive subterranean shopping arcade, but no fountain at the main station.

Gift for EXPO 2000

In May 2000, the fountain-free era of the station forecourt came to an end. Just in time for the start of the world exhibition, the Madsack Media Group donated a fountain to the city of Hanover. The two crescent-shaped outlets with a total of 88 nozzles contribute greatly to the attractiveness of the square.